St Mark’s Church Ukraine donation point

St Mark’s Church Ukraine donation point

Ukraine Donation Point: an update

Donation point is open Tuesdays ,Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30am – 5pm and for other times please see here or Facebook @SurbitonChurch

Thank you for the generosity that you have shown in the donations that have been collected at St Mark’s Church for the Ukraine Civilian Aid.

The charity are able to respond quickly to the need in Ukraine through direct contacts with hospitals, children’s homes and medical centres. With a network of logistics, transport and final delivery of your donations has already happened.

Your donations which were sorted and packed in St Mark’s Church have already been driven to Ukraine and distributed. Your donations are already making a difference!

But we need to keep collecting items. Please see the updated (17 March 2022) list of requested items. This request comes from a charity that is working with children’s homes and hospitals in Livi.

Medical supplies

  • Adult pain relief, Children’s medicine (Calpol), vitamins, anti-flu medicine, first aid kits, bandages, dressings, antiseptics.

Baby food:

  • readymade  food  (not in glass please in sachets)
  • dry or readymade formula milk for all aged children

  Personal hygiene items

  • For children and for adults: toothbrushes, tooth, shampoo

 IT items

  • Power banks and batteries


Thank you for your support and help.