Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer

Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer


St Andrew & St Mark’s Mothers’ Union Branch

Each diocese is assigned a few consecutive days of the year when they remember and pray for members in linked dioceses. In Southwark, we are linked with the Dioceses of Ekiti in Nigeria, Ogori-Magongo in Nigeria, Harare in Central Africa, Machakos in Kenya, and Phulbani in North India. We also remember our link Diocese of Oxford and for our Anglican Links in Zimbabwe where there are many Mothers’ Union members.

Southwark’s Wave of Prayer days are 31 August – 2nd September. We are celebrating the Wave of Prayer on Thursday 1st September. As this is the first Thursday of the month there will be a 10.30am Holy Communion Service in St Mark’s Church followed by coffee. Please join us 

Diocese of Ekiti – Province of Nigeria.

It is one of the oldest dioceses in the Church of Nigeria having been officially inaugurated as a diocese in October 1966. Since then several new dioceses have been created out of the Ekiti diocese. The vision of the diocese is: “Raising godly people that are heavenly conscious through committed pragmatic evangelism, discipleship and Christian living”

Members are actively involved in projects and programmes that revolve around educating and increasing awareness on the importance of family life, and the role that young people have to play. Members also meet together regularly for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship as well as running women’s World Day of Prayer Services. They run training conferences for women on a variety of subjects as well as a special Annual Conference that follows the yearly prayer theme. Members also help run four Anglican girls hostels within the diocese.

For more information visit their diocesan website:


Diocese of Ogori-Magongo – Province of Nigeria.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the eighth most populous country in the world. It is estimated that one in every 20 Africans is Nigerian. Out of the total population of 177,000,000, just over half are Muslim, with 40% Christian and the remaining 10% having indigenous beliefs. There are estimated to be approximately 18,000,000 Anglicans, mainly in the south of the country. The Anglican Church of Nigeria has more than 160 dioceses. The Diocese of Ogori-Magongo, located in the Kogi State of Nigeria, is one of the youngest dioceses in the province having been officially inaugurated as a missionary diocese in 2009.

Mothers’ Union in this diocese are active in a number of activities, including: · Evangelism · Outreach to the needy including widows and the aged · Income generating projects · Visits to those who are sick · Mothers’ Union Conferences · Bible study and fellowship Mothers’ Union in Ogori-Magongo work very closely with the Womens’ Guild and the Girls’ Guild in the diocese.


Diocese of Harare – in the Province of Central Africa

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, and is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east. Harare is Zimbabwe’s capital city and an industrial hub for the country.

Mothers’ Union in the diocese of Harare are dedicated to outreach, and to helping the elderly, sick, retired clergy and orphans, and those that are vulnerable in the community. Members are also dedicated to fundraising and carrying out numerous activities in order to meet these needs.

One Mothers’ Union initiative in the diocese is aimed at supporting new mothers. Between July and December 2014 16 baby hampers were donated to needy mothers within the diocese. Mothers’ Union in Harare hope to continue this support in 2015 and have set goals for the year which will include assistance to the local Clinic. This programme is a welcome move to the Budiriro Community based on the responses Mothers’ Union in Harare have received from the recipients of the hampers.

Mothers’ Union members in Mangwende District have also been active in offering support to local health institutions, providing items such as candles, matches, soap and peanut butter. On their visits to the health centres, members would do some cleaning, collect water needed by different clinic wards and have fellowship with the patients and staff. Banket parish Mothers’ Union has embarked on a horticultural project. They have nearly a hectare of cabbages that they hope to harvest in January. From this endeavour they hope to raise funds which will contribute towards expenses in their parishes. St. Martins Mothers’ Union make regular visits to the Shearley Cripps Orphanage which currently looks after 63 children ranging from ages 2 – 18 years old. Donations of blankets, quilts/duvets and food for the children have been made and members have also ensured that the children are well cared for – playing games with the smaller children, and spending time talking to the older children and listening to their concerns. In November 2014 members took an active part in the international 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. National commemorations were held on 28 November at the Rainbow Towers Gardens under the theme “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s challenge Militarism and End Violence against Women”. In Harare, Mothers’ Union have also initiated the Church & Community Mobilisation Process which is proving highly successful as a way to enable communities to take control of their lives and use the resources God has given them to create a sustainable and flourishing future for themselves. The CCM process has enabled communities to come together and meet the needs of those who are facing adversity in a joined up approach, whilst also allowing for reconciliation, healing and forgiveness to spread from within the church.

For more information visit the diocesan website:


Diocese of Machakos – Province of Kenya

Machakos is a town in Kenya, 64 kilometres southeast of the capital city Nairobi. Machakos Town is a major urban centre, and also a satellite town due to its proximity to Nairobi. Its population is rapidly growing. Machakos is surrounded by hilly terrain, with a high number of family farms. The Diocese of Machakos was created in 1985 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi. On 1st April 1995, the Diocese of Kitui was carved off and more recently in 2013 the new diocese of Makueni was created out of part of Machakos, leaving the present Diocese of Machakos.

Mothers’ Union is very active in this diocese with a total of 505 members in the Diocese. One of their major projects is the Mothers’ Union Daystar Hostel which provides a safe space for vulnerable young girls from across Kenya. The hostel accommodates these young girls who otherwise might fall into prostitution or develop drug and alcohol related issues. Other Mothers’ Union activities include: · Conferences and seminars on a number of topics including health, marriage and family life, economic empowerment of women etc. · Vocational skills training · Outreach to those in need in the community · Visiting the sick in hospital · Contributing to the life of the Church · Mothers’ Union Talent Week · Bible study and fellowship

For more information visit their diocesan website:


Diocese of Phulbani in the Province of India

The Diocese of Phulbani is a diocese in the Church of North India (CNI). The Church of North India was inaugurated in September 1970 and is an ecumenical Church uniting the Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian and Reformed churches. The Diocese of Phulbani was formed on 29th April, 1997. It now has 562 rural churches scattered over the hilly areas of four districts namely Kandhamal, Rayagada, Gajapati & Ganjam in the State of Odisha.

The Women’s Fellowship for Christian Service in the Church of North India is affiliated to the global Mothers’ Union.

Phulbani is known for its variety of flora and fauna and people often go to visit its famed Putudi waterfall. Literacy levels in Phulbani are higher than the national average at 76%.

The Women’s Fellowship have a number of ongoing activities and runs projects to help address the issues faced in the area. Members are very passionate about ministry to the sick, broken families, the elderly, and raising children in Christian teaching. The Women’s Fellowship are also committed to working to address gender inequality in India and tackling gender-based violence in particular. The diocese run a computer training institute for 25 young people from marginalized and vulnerable communities like the Dalit & Tribal communities.

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