Lent Teaching at St Andrew and St Mark

Lent Teaching at St Andrew and St Mark

This month will see a series of votes in Parliament as Brexit may or may not come to a conclusion. It is worth remembering that, whichever way you voted in the Referendum, about 17 million adults disagreed with you!

How is it that rational people can take such different views about the same thing? And not just different views, but often deeply held convictions about them.

To help us think through this, for our Lent teaching during the 11am eucharist in March at St Andrew’s, we turn to the ancient story of Joseph and his brothers from Genesis. Over three weeks, we shall consider what pulls these men apart and what brings them together? How can real reconciliation be achieved?

The congregation will be able to engage in different ways:

  • Adults can discuss in small groups
  • Adults can listen to a lecture style sermon on the subject
  • Children will go to a specially designed Sunday Club course.

The Joseph story is seriously deep. Paradoxically, the popularity of the musical makes it both the most known of Genesis stories but also the most lightly taken: it can be treated as a children’s tale, when there is some deep stuff involved.