Lent Groups

Lent Groups

Lent Groups

There are three ways of deepening your faith in Lent, in smaller groups than you would find at church on a Sunday.

The first is through, I suppose, a more traditional  Bible study. These are led by Jackie Robbs on alternate Friday afternoons and will continue on through Lent at the back of St Mark’s Church: see  the flyer below for more details.

The second is the ecumenical route. There are seven Churches Together groups operating at different times and you choose a group at a time that fits you: it’s slightly pot luck but a typical group will be two Anglicans, two Methodists and a Catholic (put like that, it reads rather like the start of a joke).

The third way is slightly more funky. Clare Mannall will be leading a Lent series on Tuesday evenings in her house, around the recent TV series, “Broken”: this is a drama based about a Catholic priest and the dilemmas he and his community face. This is a ‘bespoke’ course.

Rev’d Robert Stanier

Please see the flyers for each of these groups at church and below.

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