Holy Week & Easter 2022

Holy Week & Easter 2022

The vicar’s guide: At last, we have a Holy Week where all can come to church; there are no booking lists, and anything like that. Just come!

This is a guide to services at St Andrew’s and St Mark’s this Easter.

Holy Week for children

We have an informal worship at St Mark’s at 9.15am on Sunday, followed by donkey rides with Erica the donkey, at 10am. Then at 10.45am, we process through Surbiton down to St Andrew’s following the donkey, remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. You can stay for that service too or just peel off for your coffee/ home time!

On Good Friday, at 10am at St Andrew’s, we have a short act of worship specially designed for children, interacting with the Easter story. This is followed by a craft activity and something to eat. Come at 10am. All done by about 11.30am. The worship itself lasts about 20 minutes.

On Easter Day, at 9.15am, we have worship with an action song and informal delights, at St Mark’s; then our first choral eucharist will be at 11am on Easter Day including Sunday Club.

Holy Week for adults

I’d definitely recommend coming to more than just the Sunday services. The great three services of Easter are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: the so-called ‘Triduum’. Bring yourself before Jesus, crucified and risen, and He will be ready to meet you.

Services like Maundy Thursday evening and Good Friday afternoon probably aren’t aimed at children much. So too Complines from Monday to Wednesday.

Holy Week for reflection

In Holy Week, you can bookend your day. At 8am from Monday to Wednesday we have a said eucharist at St Andrew’s including a short homily, on Facetime too. At 8pm from Monday to Wednesday, we have quiet compline including an address; this will last just about half an hour. You can come on Zoom, though St Andrew’s is a magical place in the quiet of an evening for these services.

On Maundy Thursday at 7.30pm, we have our Maundy Thursday eucharist remembering the last supper, with foot washing offered, and finishing with a time of contemplation as some of us watch with Jesus until midnight. The main service finishes at 9pm, though, in silence.

On Good Friday, there is quiet and an open church at St Mark’s from 12 midday, with short pieces of meditation. At 2pm, we have a liturgy, involving veneration of the Cross. Beautiful choral music here too. The church feels empty, but in an appropriate way.

Holy Week for joy

Easter Day is magical. Not just for chocolate eggs, obviously. That said, both services feature an Easter Egg hunt. Come at 9.15am, for action songs, discovery of the risen Jesus and more.
Come at 11am, and there is a traditional choral eucharist and light and joy.

Holy Week for Christian understanding

If there is one service in the entire  year which captures the Christian story, it is the so called ‘Vigil’. Join us at 8pm outside St Mark’s by a fire, ready to follow the great Paschal candle into church, where we will hear the story of salvation and renew our Christian vows.

Holy Week from home

We know that not everyone can join us; you may be ill at home; you may be being careful about Covid; you may just prefer it.

You can Zoom into all the great Easter services, including Donkey Cam for Palm Sunday. You can also Zoom into Complines from Monday to Wednesday.