The Parish of St Andrew & St Mark, Surbiton
Families & Children: Toddler Group (Sunbeams)

Play and Stay Toddler Group: Sunbeams!

Toddler Group

The Play and Stay toddler group has been running since November 2009. It is for pre-school children, with a specific area for babies and an area with activities for toddlers.

The group starts at 10am. Toys are available for babies through to pre-schoolers including baby gyms, building bricks, pushchairs and ride-ons etc. There are also tables to enjoy modelling with playdoh and generally a different craft activity every week. Coffee, tea, children's drinks and biscuits are served from about 10.30am. 'Tidy-up time' is at around 11.00am and we finish off with some fun songs, ending at 11.15am.

Suggested donation per family is 2.00.

Location & holiday dates

Sunbeams, "Stay and Play", is held in St Mark's Church Hall, and access is via the main church entrance located on St Mark's Hill.

Summer Term 2016 starts on Wednesday 13th April until 20th July with a week off for half term, 1st June.


We would be delighted if you would like to come along and join us for a session to see if you would like to register. If you would like to join Sunbeams please contact Clare Chesterman, the Parish Administrator.


We try to keep the environment as safe as possible, within common-sense boundaries. Please help us do this by keeping hot drinks out of reach of young children and making sure that exit doors are closed behind you to stop children slipping out un-noticed.

The group is run by Irene O'Malia (volunteer) and Sarah Stokes (SPA). Please contact Sarah via the Parish Office for more information.